# PartyIds

A partyId can be used to reference a company, organization or group.

# Kvk / Chamber of Commerce Id

A dutch KVK number 12345678 can be formatted in different ways:

  • NL:KVK:12345678
  • 0106:12345678
  • iso6523-actorid-upis::NL:KVK:12345678
  • iso6523-actorid-upis::0106:12345678

The DocumentTypeId determines which of these formats should be used. DocumentTypeIds that implement EN-16931, such as Simpler Invoicing 2.0 use numeric scheme values like 0106. Older documentTypeIds like Simpler Invoicing 1.2 use text schemeIds such as NL:KVK. When sending a document with the PSB, we will always make sure the right format is used and overwrite the values if necessary.

Please note that the Peppol code list is a dynamic list which can change over time.

# Peppol Participant Schemes list

In Peppol we use the ISO 6523 list (opens new window) and a subset of that list for the electronic transport address (opens new window).

Text Number Name Deprecated
FR:SIRENE 0002 System Information et Repertoire des Entreprise et des Etablissements: SIRENE false
SE:ORGNR 0007 Organisationsnummer false
FI:OVT 0037 LY-tunnus false
DUNS 0060 Data Universal Numbering System (D-U-N-S Number) false
GLN 0088 Global Location Number false
IT:FTI 0097 FTI - Ediforum Italia false
NL:KVK 0106 Vereniging van Kamers van Koophandel en Fabrieken in Nederland (Association of Chambers of Commerce and Industry in the Netherlands), Scheme false
EU:NAL 0130 Directorates of the European Commission false
IT:SIA 0135 SIA Object Identifiers false
IT:SECETI 0142 SECETI Object Identifiers false
AU:ABN 0151 Australian Business Number (ABN) Scheme false
CH:UIDB 0183 Swiss Unique Business Identification Number (UIDB) false
NL:OINO 0190 Organisatie-identificatienummer (OIN) false
EE:CC 0191 Company code false
NO:ORG 0192 Organisasjonsnummer false
UBLBE 0193 UBL.BE Party Identifier false
SG:UEN 0195 Singapore Nationwide E-Invoice Framework false
IS:KTNR 0196 Icelandic identifier false
DK:ERST 0198 ERSTORG false
LEI 0199 Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) false
LT:LEC 0200 Legal entity code false
IT:CUUO 0201 Codice Univoco Unità Organizzativa iPA false
DE:LWID 0204 Leitweg-ID false
BE:EN 0208 Numero d'entreprise / ondernemingsnummer / Unternehmensnummer false
GS1 0209 GS1 identification keys false
FI:ORG 0212 Finnish Organization Identifier false
FI:VAT 0213 Finnish Organization Value Add Tax Identifier false
DK:CPR 9901 Danish Ministry of the Interior and Health false
DK:CVR 9902 The Danish Commerce and Companies Agency false
DK:SE 9904 Danish Ministry of Taxation, Central Customs and Tax Administration false
DK:VANS 9905 Danish VANS providers false
IT:VAT 9906 Ufficio responsabile gestione partite IVA false
IT:CF 9907 TAX Authority false
NO:ORGNR 9908 Enhetsregisteret ved Bronnoysundregisterne false
NO:VAT 9909 Norwegian VAT number true
HU:VAT 9910 Hungary VAT number false
EU:VAT 9912 National ministries of Economy true
EU:REID 9913 Business Registers Network false
AT:VAT 9914 Österreichische Umsatzsteuer-Identifikationsnummer false
AT:GOV 9915 Österreichisches Verwaltungs bzw. Organisationskennzeichen false
AT:CID 9916 Firmenidentifikationsnummer der Statistik Austria true
IS:KT 9917 Icelandic National Registry true
AT:KUR 9919 Kennziffer des Unternehmensregisters false
ES:VAT 9920 Agencia Española de Administración Tributaria false
IT:IPA 9921 Indice delle Pubbliche Amministrazioni true
AD:VAT 9922 Andorra VAT number false
AL:VAT 9923 Albania VAT number false
BA:VAT 9924 Bosnia and Herzegovina VAT number false
BE:VAT 9925 Belgium VAT number false
BG:VAT 9926 Bulgaria VAT number false
CH:VAT 9927 Switzerland VAT number false
CY:VAT 9928 Cyprus VAT number false
CZ:VAT 9929 Czech Republic VAT number false
DE:VAT 9930 Germany VAT number false
EE:VAT 9931 Estonia VAT number false
GB:VAT 9932 United Kingdom VAT number false
GR:VAT 9933 Greece VAT number false
HR:VAT 9934 Croatia VAT number false
IE:VAT 9935 Ireland VAT number false
LI:VAT 9936 Liechtenstein VAT number false
LT:VAT 9937 Lithuania VAT number false
LU:VAT 9938 Luxemburg VAT number false
LV:VAT 9939 Latvia VAT number false
MC:VAT 9940 Monaco VAT number false
ME:VAT 9941 Montenegro VAT number false
MK:VAT 9942 Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of VAT number false
MT:VAT 9943 Malta VAT number false
NL:VAT 9944 Netherlands VAT number false
PL:VAT 9945 Poland VAT number false
PT:VAT 9946 Portugal VAT number false
RO:VAT 9947 Romania VAT number false
RS:VAT 9948 Serbia VAT number false
SI:VAT 9949 Slovenia VAT number false
SK:VAT 9950 Slovakia VAT number false
SM:VAT 9951 San Marino VAT number false
TR:VAT 9952 Turkey VAT number false
VA:VAT 9953 Holy See (Vatican City State) VAT number false
NL:OIN 9954 Dutch Originator's Identification Number true
SE:VAT 9955 Swedish VAT number false
BE:CBE 9956 Belgian Crossroad Bank of Enterprise number true
FR:VAT 9957 French VAT number false
DE:LID 9958 German Leitweg ID true

JSON file for all the schemeIds (opens new window)

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