# Code lists

Unified identifier codes used in the PSB mapped to a name and values.

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# Invoice Response Codes

Status codes used as Invoice Response Codes.

Code Name Description
AB Acknowledge Used when Buyer has received a readable invoice message that can be understood and submitted for processing by the Buyer.
IP In Process Used when the processing of the Invoice has started in Buyers system.
UQ Under query Used when Buyer will not proceed to accept the Invoice without receiving additional information from the Seller.
RE Rejected Used only when the Buyer will not process the referenced Invoice any further. Buyer is rejecting this invoice but not necessarily the commercial transaction. Although it can be used also for rejection for commercial reasons (invoice not corresponding to delivery). (Final status)
AP Accepted / Approved Used only when the Buyer has given a final approval of the invoice and the next step is payment.
PD Fully Paid Used only when the Buyer has initiated the payment of the invoice. (Final status)

Codes are based on a subset of UNECE code list 4343 with additional codes defined in the Peppol Bisv3 (opens new window). Status code list: https://docs.peppol.eu/poacc/upgrade-3/profiles/63-invoiceresponse/#status-codes-1 (opens new window).

# Status Clarification Reason

Status clarification reason codes used in the Invoice Response Message.

Code Name Description
NON No Issue Indicates that receiver of the documents sends the message just to update the status and there are no problems with document processing
REF References incorrect Indicates that the received document did not contain references as required by the receiver for correctly routing the document for approval or processing.
LEG Legal information incorrect Information in the received document is not according to legal requirements.
REC Receiver unknown The party to which the document is addressed is not known.
QUA Item quality insufficient Unacceptable or incorrect quality
DEL Delivery issues Delivery proposed or provided is not acceptable.
PRI Prices incorrect Prices not according to previous expectation.
QTY Quantity incorrect Quantity not according to previous expectation.
ITM Items incorrect Items not according to previous expectation.
PAY Payment terms incorrect Payment terms not according to previous expectation.
UNR Not recognized Commercial transaction not recognized.
FIN Finance incorrect Finance terms not according to previous expectation.
PPD Partially Paid Payment is partially but not fully paid.
OTH Other Reason for status is not defined by code.

Reason code list: https://docs.peppol.eu/poacc/upgrade-3/codelist/OPStatusReason (opens new window)

# Status Clarification Action

Status clarification action codes used in the Invoice Response Message.

Code Name Description
NOA No action required No action required
PIN Provide information Missing information requested without re-issuing invoice
NIN Issue new invoice Request to re-issue a corrected invoice
CNF Credit fully Request to fully cancel the referenced invoice with a credit note
CNP Credit partially Request to issue partial credit note for corrections only
CNA Credit the amount Request to repay the amount paid on the invoice
OTH Other Requested action is not defined by code

Action code list: https://docs.peppol.eu/poacc/upgrade-3/codelist/OPStatusAction (opens new window)

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