# Tutorial: Responding to the buyer via "Order Response"

Once an incoming order is accepted by the PSB an OrderReceived topic is broadcasted and will be delivered to your hooks. The PSB only accepts orders that are technically correct. However a problem could still exists on business level, for example the agreed prices are incorrect, or the ordered item is no longer in stock. These kind of messages, together with status messages can be send back to the buyer via the POST /api/v1/{partyId}/salesOrder/{documentId}/response endpoint.

# Prerequisite

# Step 1: Start with an acknowledgement

The flow always start with an acknowledgement message, whatever the outcome. Acknowledgement means that you have received a readable order message that can be understood and submitted for processing.

Acknowledgement example:

  "status": "AB",
  "note": "Order successfully received and delivered into the administration."

# Step 2: Status update

Update about the process of the order. The next minimum status must be a "Reject", "Approved" or "Conditionally Accepted".

Rejection example:

  "status": "RE",
  "note": "Order rejected due to validation errors."

Approval example:

  "status": "AP",
  "note": "Order accepted and will be delivered on due date."

# Step 3: Retrieve the status of the response transaction

When the response is successfully received by the receiver access point a topic OrderResponseSent will be broadcasted. However in case the buyer doesn't support the Order Response Message the topic OrderResponseSentError will be used.

The available topics are:

  • OrderResponseSent
  • OrderResponseSentError
  • OrderResponseSentRetry
  "topic": "OrderResponseSent",
  "partyId": "NL:KVK:seller",
  "hookId": "1",
  "documentId": "de548d14-8b84-4f7d-88fc-09b2fedf54f3",
  "message": "'OrderResponse' successfully sent: 'e12b19a3-30ed-4c26-b712-5112f6b24ceb@econnect.eu'.",
  "details": {
    "note": "Order approved.",
    "statusCode": "AP",
    "status": "Approved"
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