# Getting started

The SOAP 1.1 protocol is used over HTTP+SSL to communicate with the platform. The WSDL is Compliant to the Basic Profile Version 1.1.

Transfer-Encoding=chunked is not supported.

# Step 1: Obtain the integration keys

If you do not have an eConnect account, go to https://platform.everbinding.nl (opens new window) and register. Follow the instructions to generate the keys: Generating application security keys.

# Step 2: Obtain the API WSDL

To access the eConnect API, you need a Web Service Description Language (WSDL) file. The WSDL file defines the Web service that is available to you. Your development platform uses this WSDL to generate an API to access the eConnect Web service it defines. Please contact our sales department and ask for a generated WSDL with subscription key. Based on your partnership subscription you will receive a generated WSDL to be used in the production and/or testing environment.

# Step 3: Import the WSDL-file into your development platform

Once you have the WSDL file, you need to import it into your development platform so that your development environment can generate the necessary objects for use in building client Web service applications in that environment. Online there are a lot of example instructions for all known development platforms.

# Step 4: Walk through the API flows

Once you have imported your WSDL file, you can begin building client applications that use the API. Use the API-flows with samples to create a basic client application.

Before you can use these calls you must create a connection. An authorized connection is created by getting a SecurityToken with the Login call. For this call you need the integration keys provide by the platform (Step 1). The SecurityToken is used in the header of the other API SOAP call’s. (Example of SecurityToken in SOAP header)

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