# Tutorial: Receiving Orders

This page describes the steps necessary to receive sales orders from Peppol using the SalesOrder endpoint.

# Prerequisite

  • Your partyId is registered by us in Peppol with Order Only support. If you have sufficient rights you could use the Peppol endpoint to register the partyId in Peppol yourself. Otherwise contact us.

# Step 1: Register hook

To receive the order, you'll need to subscribe to the "OrderReceived" topic. For this example, we are going to use a webhook. Use the PUT hook API call as shown below. In topics you can specify for which events you wish to receive a webhook.

Example body:

  "id": "hook1",
  "name": "webhook",
  "action": "https://webhook.site/a81a0be5-8aad-4110-a40c-aa41a2c6e9ac#secureKey",
  "topics": [
  "isActive": true

More information regarding webhooks can be found on the hooks page.

# Step 2: Receive hooks

Now you can receive order events on your endpoint.

The webhook will look like:

Example webhook body:

  "topic": "OrderReceived",
  "partyId": "{your partyId}",
  "hookId": "orderreceived",
  "documentId": "fe44b98f-fa53-4578-be74-0d5458777a56",
  "message": "'Order' received.",
  "details": {
    "protocol": "As4",
    "returnedMessageId": "fe44b98f-fa53-4578-be74-0d5458777a56@econnect.eu",
    "sender": "{sender}",
    "accessPoint": "C=NL, O=eConnect International B.V., OU=PEPPOL TEST AP, CN=PNL000052",
    "id": "34",
    "documentTypeId": "urn:oasis:names:specification:ubl:schema:xsd:Order-2::Order##urn:fdc:peppol.eu:poacc:trns:order:3::2.1",
    "profileId": "urn:fdc:peppol.eu:poacc:bis:order_only:3",
    "receiver": "{your partyId}",
    "messageId": "e5a0e07b-767e-4768-bd01-e787ad61d4f2@econnect.eu",
    "refToMessageId": null
  "createdOn": "2021-12-07T11:00:13.3623791+00:00",
  "sentOn": "2021-12-07T11:00:13.5448088+00:00"

You should use the documentId in the sales orders endpoint to download the received order. Eg: GET /api/v1/{your partyId}/salesOrder/fe44b98f-fa53-4578-be74-0d5458777a56/download.

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